Sinead’s MySwimathon Story


SineadstorySinead has signed up for an incredible challenge, her first ever 5km swim through the MySwimathon entry option! Find out why she signed up and what the event means to her…

Why did you sign up to Swimathon?

I have loved running and cycling for a very long time and midway through last year, I felt it was time for something new. A new experience, a new challenge and that’s when I turned to swimming! It’s something I haven’t done since I was at school (a long time ago…) so it’s definitely a challenge. I searched the Internet for swimming events and came across the 2020 Swimathon which was perfect for me – an event where I can push myself, as well as try to raise funds for two causes that have touch my life, my extended families and friend’s lives.

Why did you choose the MySwimathon option?

I decided to take the MySwimathon option and swim at my local pool for convenience. The most important thing for me was to be able to pick my own date and time, hopefully when it’s not busy, which will allow me to focus on my own challenge and do my best.

How are you feeling about the day itself?

I am sure on the day I will be nervous, and it will take a good few lengths and a lot of talking to myself to relax, but at the moment I feel very excited to be learning and trying something new!

Why are you fundraising for our two charities?

I am not a scientist so I couldn’t help in that department! So, I thought signing up for something hard and challenging that pushes me, with the support and sponsorship of as many people as I can reach, is the best way I can help. Not everyone can or wants to do these sorts of challenges so they can get involved by sponsoring someone who can help those clever people find cures quicker. In turn we are all doing something positive in the face of something negative and we can all contribute support these two amazing causes. 

Read more about Sinead’s challenge on her JustGiving page here.

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