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To view your personalised 10 week training plan, please go to your swimmer login. To kick-start your training, here are some great swimming tips to boost your training programme.

General swimming technique
  • Body position: Affects the whole stroke. Aim to stay as streamlined as possible
  • Leg action: This helps to keep your body in a good position. Kick strongly to stay as horizontal as possible
  • Arm action: In all strokes except for breaststroke, most of the power comes from the arms

  • Aim for a flat body position, keep your eyes looking forward and down
  • Hand enters the water just inside shoulder line. Arm pulls down an back with elbow bent, body rolls
  • Arm recovery is an easy, relaxed action with the elbow higher than the hand
  • Arm pushes back, head starts to turn ready for breathing
  • Head turns to side, breathe out and in quickly
  • The face turns back into the water as soon as the breath is taken

  • When the arm is at shoulder level the elbow bends, arm pulls sideways, body rolls
  • Aim for a flat body position; keep your head back with your eyes looking upwards
  • The arm and leg actions are continuous
  • Breathe out as one arm recovers and in as the other recovers

  • Make sure that you keep a streamlined body position at a small angle, keep your eyes looking forward
  • Pull your arms to the side, back and down, ensuring that your hands stay in front of your shoulders
  • Breathe out and take a quick breath
  • As the arms complete their action, the legs are drawn up
  • As arms push forward legs drive back with feet turned out

Tips with thanks to Jolyon Finck, Head Swimming Coach at Millfield School

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